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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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where bob redell is reporting and bringing us updated information. that is near a major intersection in fremont. police are trying to flush out suspect they believe is involved in two officer-involved shooting. >> they happened yesterday afternoon. one officer is in critical condition, the other is stable. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. first a quick check of your weather with anthony. >> it's going to be sweltering in places like the tri-valley pushing 100 degrees. in the south will be at the mid 90s. the coastline will stay cool there. here is a look at san jose. the moon and clear skies. fog trying to push into the south bay. we've got very dry boundary layer. 95. 90 in the north bay. we'll talk more about the thunder headed this way.
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san rafael 101 here. you might have fog further north. look at the rest of the maps, the speed sensor is green. this is the issue. do not use washington boulevard if you're heading over through town off 680. that is clear between 680 and 880. road closures, osgood and fremont. that whole perimeter blocked off by the breaking news. >> this has been going on since 1:30 yesterday following a traffic stop that turned into a standoff. let's get to that breaking news from fremont. >> bob redell has been live at the scene where the suspect is barricaded inside. what is happening now?
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>> good morning. the alameda county sheriff's office running the tactical part of that operation, they believe it's possible the suspect is still alive in this house here. this is a random house the suspect broke into last night. fortunately, the residents weren't home. you can see the front porch is still on fire after s.w.a.t. team lobbed tear gas inside earlier this morning. that was around 2:15 this morning setting the front porch on fire. deputies have been talking with the suspect since 11:30 last night trying to get him to give up. the conversation ended around 3:30 when the phone lines went dead. law enforcement believes it's possible he is still alive inside, holed up somewhere. it's a small single story home.
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the house is surrounded with members of s.w.a.t., their armored cars with firefighters. they've been trying to break open windows and get him to flush out. >> daylight will be our friend on this. we are going to use robots and other technology to go in there. >> you were negotiating with him about 3 1/2 hours. did he give you any sense why he shot these two officers and why he didn'tome out? >> no. there was communication. we are not going to get into those details now. strictly our job and focus is it's a tactical operation. we are going to turn that over to oakland police department. >> law enforcement does know who the suspect is. they won't tell us though. they say he is a resident of the bay area and he is familiar to them. it started around 1:30 yesterday
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afternoon when police pulled him over at fremont and washington not far from here. it's not clear what the traffic stop was about. one office wares shot. the suspect fled. police found him ten minutes later. another exchange of gun fire which a detective was shot twice. both police officers were taken to san jose regional medical center, operated on. the detective is in stable condition. they believe the suspect is alive inside. the sheriff's office had been running the tactical part of this operation. oakland police arrived to take over to give alameda county a break. they are going to run the tactical operation, s.w.a.t., and trying to get him to come out. if you are in this area, you see there's a lot of law enforcement and this area several blocks around has check points with
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police. there is a huge law enforcement presence here. trying to get this suspect to come out of this home where he's been holed up since last night. bob redell for today in the bay. prayers for those police officers. we'll check in with you soon. 5:05. a former sanford swimmer is set to be sentenced today for the rape of a woman. prosecutors recommend brock turner receive six years in prison. he has no criminal record. that's why the probation department recommends only six months in county jail. the victim has written the judge. she says the probation department's recommendation is a mockery of the seriousness of his assault. the case helped spark a national debate about the seriousness of
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sexual assault on college campuses. san francisco police officers will soon be wearing body cameras. the police commission voted 5-2 to approve the camera policy. last night critics of the department let acting chief tony chaplin know they are not happy with his performance. they wanted a meeting to discuss the officer-involved shooting that led to the death of an unarmed woman last month. the police chief says he has no such plans. >> i am not having town halls after somebody gets murdered. that is a step backwards. >> if the department will step backwards, that is not a good sign. >> chaplin is moving quickly to address the issues that led to police shooting, including expanding the escalation training. he plans to meet with officers at every district station. san francisco police at the center of a scathing new report recommending big changes to the crime lab. the civil grand jury issued
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findings in a report that calls for lab leadership to be outsourced, suggesting the lab is too closely managed by police captains who frequently lack adequate backgrounds. that report calls for the city to follow national standards by using a civilian scientist to manage the lab and for the lab to run autonomously. it was a tough loss. sharks returning to san jose empty-handed. their road trip in pittsburgh was not successful. >> a gut-wrenching loss. pittsburgh has a commanding 2-0 series lead. sharks said hold off, we are not dead. game three and four at the shark tank beginning saturday. so don't lose your faith. >> everything is still home ice. san jose sharks keeping very
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close games. >> cooler place will be at the shark tank. especially with rising temperatures. >> temperatures in the triple digits by tomorrow. even today. summer in the bay area is wacky. coast line we are talking fog. 55 in san francisco. chance of a thunderstorm. we'll see new five minutes. >> not much on theç roadways. our live look past the coliseum shows the expected volume and smooth flow. the map will show farther north on washington. disabled vehicle reported around the offramp there.
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someone called chp and asked for help. north we see that orange blob. that's where fog might be more of an issue. along the coast of bodega bay. golden gate bridge may be a factor. speeds not a problem. just west 580. all that police activity, we'll talk about that. >> thank you very much. we will continue to follow that as well. good morning to you. elizabeth holmes the billionaire, something happened to her billions. we'll tell you all about it. donald trump coming to san jose today. what that means for you whether you are a republican or democrat or an independent. >> a close eye on a standoff situation happening right now. napa county leaders just avoided
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a federal lawsuit over the use of spanish on it's voting materials. napa county leaders just avoided a federal lawsuit over the use of spanish on its voting materials. they forged an agreement with the u.s. justice department to provide bilingual election material beginning with the november general election. donald trump will be in the south bay. preparations have been under way for days. >> kris sanchez joins us with
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what the presumptive gop nominee may cover today. >> this is the one thing simple today, traffic is what it means for you if you are in and around downtown san jose. donald trump will be at the san jose convention center. there will be an impact for people getting into and out of downtown all day. several streets around the convention center will be shut down for the trump visit and protests that follow his campaign stops. the rally is not until 7:00 tonight. yesterday san jose police went door-to-door to let people know about the closures. market streets and williams street. south first street, almaden boulevard. that will be the only way to get into that parking garage if you're headed to the convention center. road closures will impact people no matter what their politics.
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>> i have trouble listening to him on tv much less in person. >> we are going to work 'em hard. we'll be here a lot. i think we have a chance. >> there was donald trump speaking at sacramento's international debt center. he addressed hillary clinton's expected national security policy speech. he may be pressed about you newly unsealed documents related to trump university and accusations that they tried to upsale students who couldn't afford it. his june 7th primary. 475 delegates up for grabs. the hillary clinton campaign tour makes another stop in california today, as well. she will appear in san diego to deliver foreign policy address.
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it is expected clinton will talk about why she believes republican donald trump is unqualified to be commander in chief. >> bernie sanders reported are rejected in a san francisco courtroom. they are demanding a preliminary injunction for the june 7th primary. what they wanted was election officials to give independent voters more information claiming those unaffiliated voters had differing information from different counties. the judge answered that california voters are smart enough to distinguish what their rights are. he said the lawsuit does not belong in his court but should have been filed with the state. our political coverage continues online at head to decision 2016 section. you'll find the latest, including full primary results. on, you'll find a complete and nonpartisan election guide which will help you prepare for the primary and general election.
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kind of a pivot on the trail ahead of intel was supposed to host mr. trump but is not going to. >> good morning. because of a newspaper article apparently. "the new york times" did a piece on who supports trump in silicon valley and asked intel ceo to host the republican candidate. that's when he withdrew the invitation and says he's not supporting any presidential candidate at all. the two men don't have a lot in common. it is curious there was ever a connection. they have very different opinions on women and immigration. secondly, there is an indication how toxic trump is here in the bay area that the mere mention, the simple question in "the new york times" could have the ceo of one of the valley's biggest companies back pedalling so quickly. >> kingdom of saudi arabia is
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the latest investor in uber to the tune of $3.5 billion. that is a lot of money and comes late in the investment cycle for a start-up company. the big money should have gone in. how big is this investment? the sovereign fund just put more money in uber than google raised in its ipo. let's check the news before the bell. >> good morning to you. wall street in a holding pattern. the market's bouncing back from early losses wednesday which were sparked by disappointing economic data. the dow and nasdaq managed small gains. you want to look for data on private sector jobs and unemployment. dow rising two points to 17789. nasdaq up four. >> a strange update in the fading fortunes of elizabeth
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holmes. the one-time wonder kid is worth billions and now worth nothing according to "forbes" magazine. "forbes" admits it has no access to holmes' financial information but holmes owns half the blood testing company she created theranos. it was worth billions, but is now only worth hundreds of millions. the way the divisions work out is the investors would get the first access to that money, she would get the second access. that would leave her with zero. she's always been a billionaire on paper. >> she is not even worth the paper. >> the overall value of the company, if it were to ipo or be sold has been cut by enormous amounts, which means her paper wealth has vanished.
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i thing this will be theranos' smaller problem. >> thank you very much. the future may be coming into focus for oprah's former studio in chicago. mcdonald's is considering moving its long-time headquarters from suburban chicago to the four-story harpo studios where oprah used to produce her hit daytime tv talk show. you get a big mac, you get a big mac. ronald mcdonald taking over the big desk in that studio now. you want to clear the air with someone, buy them a big mac, all good to go. it's going to be a hot one out there. it's spare the air day. there is potential for heavy smog across the bay area. take mass transit and carpool. extra precaution for small kids
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and pets and anyone with breathing problems. >> don't fire up the barbecues? >> i think something light like a salad might be in order for today. >> iced coffee. it's hot today. started off the day mild. we are waking up to clear skies in parts of the bay area some parts are completely fogged in. i want to show you spots fogged. in san francisco, no sun there. eventually that will get out of here and we'll see sun. we are seeing sunshine in san jose. clear skies. you see that sun about to come up any minute now. as we go through the day, we are looking at temperatures that are going to warm. 95 for south bay. pushing back mid 90s after yesterday. only a few places got into the low 90s. we'll see downtown reach into
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the 90s. 83 for the east bay today. oakland got into the 70s yesterday. tri-valley, another hot one. 98 there. san francisco, you spend most of the day in the 60s. you'll climb to 71 later on and 90s for the north bay. we don't have much happening. yesterday at this time we had a huge area of high pressure and now we are seeing that air of high pressure get broken down. looking at rain across parts of the pacific northwest. eventually for us, we are going to see our own ridge break down. look at this. we've got a trough developing across the pacific. that is going to move in. eventually it's going to bring rain. nothing like they've seen across the eastern seaboard. remnants of that tropical storm hanging out across parts of the eastern seaboard. a long-standing rain event for them. we are just looking at that
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long-standing heat event. this is 3:00 in the afternoon. it will heat the skies. a lot of high and mid level cloud cover. maybe a thunderstorm or two for parts of the sierra. unfortunately we are not going to see rain. you might see a few lightning strikes as this thing moves in. it always looks spectacular when it moves through. the next couple of days will be hot. saturday and sunday, then cools back to the 80s by monday. relief is on the way next week. coast line staying cool in san francisco. tomorrow temperatures spike up to the upper 70s and back to the 60s as we head toward monday. eventually for your monday morning commute. >> the bay bridge is looking cooler like those temperatures. a lot of folks heading here. just starting to back up. look at your map. no major issues as far as speed
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distances. we should see metering lights turn on soon. the orange up here is where there may be fog. along the coast may get the fog like yesterday. over here the rest of the bay shows a nice easy drive. a little bit of slowing here west 580. no big surprises on the freeway. city streets watch this. avoid the area here. this is washington boulevard. fremont boulevard makes that turn there. here is osgood. that will be the area affected by the police activity. we have video from earlier. that's where the suspect is barricaded roberts avenue off fremont boulevard there. over by the five point shopping center. west of 608 east of 880.
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this will keep you well clear of all that activity. it's 5:24. coming up, nba finals start today. warriors versus the cavaliers. we are keeping a very close eye on a standoff situation in fremont. a man wanted for the shootings of two police officers yesterday. one critically injured is barricaded inside of a home. that home is still on fire after police and s.w.a.t. teams tried to flush the man out with gas canisters. bob redell will bring us an update in minutes. back out to our breaking news in
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fremont. a standoff with a suspect connected to a police shooting. new details and developments in the police pursuit and standoff that started 1:30 yesterday afternoon and still ongoing 5:30 this morning. you're looking at live images from a house in fremont at washington and roberts where a man has been barricaded inside that house since midnight. he is believed to be involved in the shooting of a police officer and a police detective, one of whom is critically injured. that house is on fire as the s.w.a.t. team tried to flush him out. >> they know the man is still inside. they don't know his condition. let's go live to bob redell at
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the scene. we understand there were shots fired? >> reporter: no. we don't know for sure. we heard large popping sounds. we heard a series of 11 in the past 20 minutes. that breaking news in fremont --
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where police have a suspect we continue to follow breaking news from fremont. these are live imagines where
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there is a house on fire, surrounded by police officers and s.w.a.t. teams. inside is believed to be a man who shot two police officers yesterday. all starting with a routine traffic stop at about 1:30. this has been going on for hours. he's been barricaded inside that home since about midnight. bob redell will bring us a live report. busy start to your thursday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's going to be a hot one today. want to check in with anthony. >> we are going to see a little fog each and every morning at the coast line. inland we'll see lots of sunshine. that will lead to warm hot days. the coast line we'll stay foggy. then we'll see thunderstorms maybe across the sierra. thunder and lightning across the bay area. 83 for the east bay. 95 in the south bay. warm across the tri-valley pushing 100 degrees.
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tomorrow, the tri-valley goes to triple digits. we'll see a break in the heat. is there a build to the bay bridge approach. >> that is no surprise. the metering lights and backup here is standard flow or standard stops. oakland, easy flow of traffic. speed sensors show you around the bay at the limit. a little build over here west 580. dublin and dublin interchange not a problem. fremont, it's not the freeway connecting between 680 and 880. you do not want to use the washington boulevard off ramp. avoid washington at fremont. there's shopping there. burger king, cover fee place and safeway in the area are local landmarks. avoid that by taking automall to and from the freeway.
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>> it's breaking news we've been following since overnight from fremont. it has been unfolding since yesterday afternoon. two officers shot. police believe they have the suspect surrounded. >> bob redell, we see the house where the man is barricaded still on fire. you just told us you heard some activity going on. what's the latest? >> there's a lot of movement within the past 20, 25 minutes. we are about a good two blocks away. that home there is on roberts. i would say around 5:10 we saw s.w.a.t. turn bright light on to the home and we heard a series of five large popping sounds and six more of those large popping sounds within the past five or ten minutes. the armored cars moved to the back side of the home. we also see some movement there.
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we are blocked by bushes there. what you just heard was one of those popping sounds we heard around 5:15. we are not sure if that was tear gas being launched into the house or something else. you notice the front porch of this small single-story home is on fire. that was accidentally started when law enforcement launched tear gas into the home around 2:15 to flush out this shooting suspect out of his home. this home he broke into last night. fortunately, no one was at home. deputies had been talking to the suspect via home since 11:30 last night trying to get him to give up. they spoke with him after the tear gas set the front porch on fire. that conversation ended 3:30 when the phone line went dead. >> it's possible he is in a room and encapsulated himself that he
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could still be alive in there i talked to the fire folks and they told me that is very possible. >> you have armored cars around the house? >> we are shielding the firefighters in the event of gun fire. they have water they are putting on the house to make sure the fire doesn't get out of control and he can come out at that point. >> this started around 1:30 yesterday afternoon when fremont tried to pull over the suspect at fremont and washington. there was a confrontation. one officer was shot. the suspect fled. police found him about ten minutes later. there was another exchange of gun fire which a fremont detective was shot twice. both officers were taken to san jose regional medical center. they were operated on. the detective is in stable condition. the first officer in critical condition. law enforcement does know who the suspect is. they are not telling us.
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it is someone they are familiar with. he has a police record. the oakland police department, their s.w.a.t. team took over operations about 45 minutes ago. within the past 30 minutes, we've seen a lot of movement outside the house. we saw the armored car moving in the back. now we are getting the sun up, you are able to see more. they are hiding behind an armored car with law enforcement. the thought is this suspect is quite possibly still alive, holed up inside. the last communication they had with him was about two hours ago. >> it was interesting because officers were waiting for daylight hoping that would help the situation, as well. >> that house is on fire.
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the people who live there were not home at the time this happened. they may watch this unfold. 5:37. classes resume after yesterday's shooting at ucla. there was a stanford connection. the professor that was killed was a featured speaker in the bay area. he held a seminar in stanford in 2009. he was in a campus office yesterday morning when a student shot and killed him. the student then took his own life. the name of the shooter and possible motive has not been released. he leaves behind a wife and two young children. identity revealed. this is the third suspect in last week's novato shooting. he's 19-year-old javier gavarro wanted in connection to an attack on two high school students. he is a known gang member and is dangerous. he is a relative of one of two
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teen suspects already in custody. a former stanford swimmer set to be sentenced today for the rape of a girl outside a campus party. it is recommended he gets six years in prison. good morning, sharon. >> this case has brought national attention to the problem of drinking and sexual assaults not only at stanford but colleges across the country. former stanford student and star swimmer brock turner will be sentenced today for sexually assaulting a woman outside a frat party. the prosecution recommends turner get six years in prison. since the 20-year-old has no criminal record, the santa clara county probation department recommends only six months in county jail. the most he can receive is 14 years in prison. the victim herself has written the judge and said the probation department's recommendation of only six months in jail is a mockery of the seriousness of his assault.
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back here live, no matter what the sentencing, turner will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. he is expected to be here at 9:00 this morning and we will have the very latest. sharon katsuda, today in the bay. it is 5:39. both sides of i-5 in tracy closed because of that massive sinkhole. the freeway hey may not be opening until friday night. it shut down tuesday morning at highway 132 after discovering the sinkhole which was only a foot wide. last night crews shut down the southbound lane. workers say they dug deeper and the hole kept getting larger. an old irrigation line caused that sinkhole. a bit of detour toward comfort. the heat wave is no different
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today. >> fan sales were up. >> we are waking up to cloudy skies. here is daly city inundated with the fog. inland right now, san jose waking up to sunshine, a little bit of cloud cover. it is nice and sunny. everybody is going to see the sunshine. san francisco, you'll get up to 71. 83 for the east bay. 95 for the south bay. tri-valley hot, up to 98. tomorrow we'll see the heat peak and break for the weekend. >> not a lot of breaks here. a little bit of low cloud cover. visibility on the span just fine. speeds look great here. dunbarton bridge in the middle of your screen. westbound would be the commute we have now. starting to build gently around the bay. look at the orange toward the
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coast. no major problems. that orange indicates where you might have fog left. it's retreating already. look at the golden gate bridge. out of the oshg zone, you see there is fog clinging to the north side of the bridge. nothing significant. back to you. thank you. talking about the build, the drama is building as sharks are returning to san jose empty handed after another tough loss. their road trip to pittsburgh unsuccessful. >> gut-wrenching loss in overtime last night. pittsburgh has a commanding 2-0 lead. sharks' head coach says we're not dead. game three and four at the shark tank starting on saturday. don't lose faith. bring it on home. coming up next, the very latest from fremont. police surrounded the suspect accused of shooting two police officers inside a fremont home. the home is on fire.
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we'll have an update from the scene. scott has business news. >> we'll take a look at a company that is saying something never allowed to say before. using technology to track sharks. the next job for drones.
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agency tasked to protect consumers will crack down 5:45. the newly created federal agency is going to crack down on
5:45 am
so-called pay day loan joints. >> the government says they can be predatory. >> these are these corner stores you see that offer those quick loans and paycheck cashing. they offer loans, small amounts of money, short periods of time at incredibly high interest rates. the consumer financial protection bureau will announce new rules on pay day lenders today. peter theil will remain on the facebook board. theil has been criticized by some for helping questionsler hulk hogan suing gawker. sandberg said facebook board members are independent people and can do whatever they wish. we get the first-time jobless numbers today. the big jobs number comes tomorrow. the markets did not move on wednesday. >> a really big thing happened wednesday. it sounds obscure. it sounds boring, but it was a
5:46 am
big deal. yahoo told the world it had received national security letters. you're not supposed to tell anybody you received a national security letter. orders from the government to turn over data as part of the national security investigation. the first rule of national security letters is you are not allowed to tell anybody you got a national security letter. yahoo got special permission from the fbi under the new usa freedom act. we didn't get a lot of details to what the fbi was looking for. but national security letters don't require court approval. they are a blank check for law enforcement, do what we ask, don't tell anybody we asked, don't acknowledge the existence of them. to illustrate this a couple of days ago. it sounds boring, it's a big deal. we are getting transparency into
5:47 am
what's going on with national security. >> very interesting. >> but we don't know what the issue at hand was. >> we don't. we just know it exists. first rule of national security letters is no longer you can't talk about it. >> only one thing i can think of when you say that. automakers selling new cars with defective takata air bags and it's legal. those air bags have been found to rupture and cause serious injuries. here is the reason they are legal to sell. there is an existing order by the national highway traffic safety administration that says it's okay but the new cars have to be recalled by the end of 2018. back to our breaking news from fremont. you see the house with a suspect barricaded inside since about midnight overnight. >> that is the house that is on fire to the left of your screen. the suspect went into that home after reportedly being involved
5:48 am
in an officer-involved shooting. that happened about 1:30 yesterday. two officers were shot and are now listed in critical and serious condition. the suspect himself barricaded himself inside that home. it is not his home. police believe they do know who the suspect is. they brought in his parents to help with negotiations to bring him out. he is not coming out. they even started that fire with flash bangs. they don't know the suspect's condition. >> they threw the gas canisters in. that created the flames and fire still ongoing there. oakland s.w.a.t. relieved alameda county sheriff's department from operations on the scene. it started 1:30 p.m. yesterday. the fire that is happening right now reportedly has been going on for some time now. it is somewhat of a controlled
5:49 am
burn. firefighters don't want the home to fully go up. they were hoping that would help the suspect come out. they were in communication for several hours. but the phone line went dead. so many different agencies contributing to this since yesterday. they remain on the scene this morning. they are hoping now that it's daylight out there it will help. this is the fire that started earlier. you see how it started being much more controlled than earlier. this is at washington and robert. live pictures of the scene. >> this was a multiagency effort. there were hundreds of police officers from around the bay area looking for this man yesterday. eventually it led to this home in fremont on washington and robert. people that live there were not at home at the time.
5:50 am
this is an ongoing situation. bob redell will bring us more information soon as he has that. >> people should avoid that area. >> there is a safeway shopping center there, a burger king, a coffee shop in the area. place where people are starting to go. >> the safeway is the parking lot where it started there. >> turn the dial. mother nature has turned the temperatures up. mid 90s, anthony? >> yeah. going to be another hot one in the south bay and tri-valley pushing to mid to upper 90s. coast line will stay cooler. looking at 70s and 60s half moon bay toward santa cruz. here is a shot from san francisco. the fog is holding on tightly.
5:51 am
the golden gate bridge shrouded in there. across the south bay looking good. we have lots of sunshine. otherwise looking at bright sunshine. as we move through the day, we are looking at mid to upper 90s for the south bay. 95 there. east bay will see temperatures in the 80s. 98 for the tri-valley. 90 for the north bay. going to be another hot day. high pressure builds and peaks tomorrow. that's when the heat will break saturday and sunday. another area of low pressure will develop. this will bring clouds saturday afternoon. this will lead to cooling. it's going to bring in potential for thunder as we head toward saturday night and for sunday. once it moves out sunday, looking at things cooling off. it's all about the heat. this weekend looks good. if you're making plans, no problems as far as rain is concerned. keep in mind we could see lightning in the skies,
5:52 am
especially sunday. look at temperatures. 91 north bay. 70 in san francisco. there is your contrast. temperatures really cool off even in san francisco. might go back into the 60s. we'll talk more about this cooling. looks like you're tracking things in emeryville. >> i might go over to the city to talk about cooler temperatures there. east shore freeway. little hazy look there. the commute is on there. as you see from the speed sensors, look at that hercules and highway 4 down to the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on. you're in the green till you get to the very end there. earlier orange, fog registering north of san rafael pulled back. not a major problem.
5:53 am
we zoom the map out. you see a pleasant flow. the dublin interchange to south 680 as well as 880 through hayward. northbound just starting to the south bay. i want to focus toward fremont. this is the activity. let me show you the video of all this activity. you want to avoid fremont. it is over in the five points area. this video, you saw the police activity, the fire going on with all these trees and vegetation. be careful through the area. avoid this area. this is right by a shopping center off adam and osgood. osgood goes along the train tracks. this is parallel to 680. use autos mall parkway. that is much clearer.
5:54 am
>> that fremont situation now in its sixth hour of standoff. thank you very much. we are hearing frightening moments when that 4-year-old falls into a gorilla enclosure in ohio. the primate was killed. we'll hear the 911 call the mother made to police. police closed in on a suspected shooter of two fremont officer. our team posting updates on twitter. >> on a lighter note, you can add lyft shaquille o'neal's resume. we've obtained the 9-1-1 calls
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
from the mother of the toddler who fell into a gorilla the story that continues to create conversations in households across the country. we obtained the 911 calls from the mother of the toddler who fell into the gorilla enclosure. >> my son fell into the zoo exhibit at the gorilla. there is a male gorilla standing over him. he's dragging my son. i can't watch this. >> hard to maintain your calm in that situation. that 4-year-old was rescued after zoo officials made the decision to shoot and kill the 420 pound gorilla. cincinnati police say they are going to review the actions of the boy's family leading up to that incident.
5:58 am
5:57. imagine drones monitoring sharks to keep swimmers and surfers safe along the coastline? it may be closer than you think. researchers are trying to develop drone technology that not only spot the sharks but tracks it. a similar project is in development in australia. the technology doesn't always differentiate between the real thing and say a piece of drift wood. hurricane season started. agency in charge of protecting people from storms is working on a new warning system. those at the national hurricane center say a new system is needed. the old system focuses on wind speed which is not the most destructive part of a hurricane. >> there will be a storm surge warning. we always issued hurricane warnings which cover the wind. the primary hazard is storm surge. >> storm surge watches will be issued about 48 hours prior to
5:59 am
the arrival of tropical storm force winds or when the surge is expected. a storm surge warning could then come about 36 hours in advance. finally able to go home. some of the 90,000 people who fled last month's fire in canada have started returning to their homes. they face a massive cleanup, as you can tell that. fire destroyed about 10% of all the homes there. >> reporter: more loud popping sounds as s.w.a.t. team maneuvers joe you the side a house in fremont where they have the man holed up. south bay. part of san jose will shut down noon today for a donald trump rally. we'll show you how it could affect you regardless of your politics. another blow to the san
6:00 am
francisco police department. the list of complaints handed over to the chief by community members. "today in the bay" starts right now good thursday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll get to that morning commute. >> the fog is rolling right now. >> we need more of it to cool things off. >> wish we could get it to the tri-valley. 70s in the coastline because of that fog. it's not going to be overly hot once again at the coast line. another day of sunshine. even the inner bay we'll see warm temperatures. 80s today, 90s for inland valley. triple digits expected by the time we get to tomorrow. we'll talk about that and the weekend forecast. you're tracking that bay bridge slowdown. >> it's a slowdown but other than that a pleasant drive. the metering lights are on. the approach looks great. so do the rest of the spee@ç sensors. mild build. you do have slowing


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